past lives


This is an intensely personal post.  I am blogging about it partly so I can record it for my own future reference and partly to share it with those who are open to the concept of past lives. If this isn’t in your belief system, you can ignore it, or maybe read it with an open mind.


I am a believer in reincarnation. I believe that I have lived other lives in other physical bodies at different times. My Tao study over the last year has strengthened my conviction that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience – not just once, but over and over.

Last week, Tai Chi Man and I went to the local Questers monthly meeting. The speaker was a hypnotherapist who told us that his success rate at helping people with their fears/addictions/health problems went from 20% to 95% when he learned how to guide them with past life regression.

This was something I wanted to try. I had been thinking about going to a hypnotherapist for my fear at the dentist (my sister recently did the same where she lives for her tendency to suffer from seasickness). I signed up for an appointment on the spot, and this morning I went to see him.

It was a very enlightening hour and a half. I was guided into deep relaxation – you are still aware of what’s around you, you can converse, you remember everything afterwards. He told me that whether I believed that I was seeing my past lives or whether I thought it was my imagination, it was OK, as it would work either way. Usually, seeing an experience from a past life and realising that that is where your fear is coming from clears the problem in this life.

The first life I was asked to see was one where I felt supremely confident. This is something that I can use in future if ever I want to summon up feelings of self-confidence. Things were a little fuzzy at first, but eventually I saw myself as a beautiful blonde woman in a green dress, standing on a sunny hillside with wild flowers and trees around. There was a gentle breeze in my face. I can’t remember how old I was in that scene, but that doesn’t matter.

The second life I was asked to see was one where I was using a talent I had. Many people are born with incredible talent and it’s a good possibility that they did that in a previous lifetime. I saw myself as a woman in a sparkly pink dress, sitting at a grand piano, playing (professionally) my own jazz-style music in 1922. In this life, I was married to the same man I am married to today. (Of course he looked different then.) The interesting thing is that I’ve always wanted to play the piano, but never have, but the hypnotherapist told me that if I wanted to do it in this life it should be easy for me, as I’ve done it before.

I was then guided to see a life that would help me with my hearing issue. I am a total believer in mind over matter…that our mind is what creates illness or disease in our body…that we have control over every cell in our body if only we just believe it. Unfortunately the mind is a very suggestible thing. I have bought in to the belief that I have inherited otosclerosis from my mum, which means that I am manifesting it in my life. Time to change my mind! I saw myself as an old man in 1502, who’d been born deaf, and was being looked after by a housekeeper. He was just sitting there in a dark room lit only by a fire in the fireplace and maybe an oil lamp. He (I)  died of old age.

I revisited my life as the piano player when I was asked about my problems with self-acceptance. I was younger this time – 16 – and had been offered money to play at someone’s house, but didn’t think I was good enough.

My fear of the dentist is not really about the pain, because with the pain relief they have these days it doesn’t have to hurt. However when I am lying horizontal on the couch, and have to keep my throat closed, and the saliva builds up, and maybe water from the jet they use to rinse the teeth, and I have to try and swallow with my mouth open, I get so stressed out about possibly gagging and throwing up. The life I went to was in 1772 in England – a man was being beheaded and I was in the crowd, near the front, with a small child clinging to my leg, looking up at me with his big brown eyes. I was his mother, dressed in brown sackcloth, touching my throat as I waited for the executioner to do his thing, as I was empathising with him. He was a traitor – was being executed for his beliefs which were different from the king’s – and I knew that if people knew that I agreed with him, they would execute me too. I saw his head being cut off before I looked away in distress.

The final life was prompted by my fear of deep water. Strangely, when he asked me what year it was, I said 1972. Apparently one’s energy can inhabit more than one physical body at a time. I was a beautiful blonde on a rich man’s yacht – something pretty for him to escort around – but he was now tired of me and his hired man met me out on the deck and heaved me over the railing into the sea. I had a very clear picture of the girl in the water with her hair and dress flowing around her. She drowned.

These are the basics – there was a little more to this, e.g. he asked me what life lessons I had learned in each lifetime, and had me meet my “soul group” between lives. It was a very interesting, and at times moving, experience. I will have to see, as I meet different challenges, whether this session has cleared up some of my fears. I certainly hope so!



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  1. Very interesting, and wonderful, that you have had an opportunity to recall these ‘past’ lives. I’m also of the belief that these lives run in a continuum with our ‘present’ and ‘future’ lives. I have recalled several of my own lives and am blessed to be in this life with people whom I knew at those same times – and they remember them as well! It is an incredible gift.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is very powerful, wonderful, stuff. I am interested in hearing more about how this experience has and will change your path and agreements. What a wonderful gift.

  3. What an immensely powerful experience that must have been! I’ve been reading about how events from our childhood effect us in adulthood, but I never thought about how past life experiences could be effecting us.
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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