….after an afternoon of sitting at the beach, knitting and socialising, and a dinner of home-made Lo Mein. I discovered a source of great recipes by googling “vegan chinese recipes” the other day and have tried out General Tao’s Tofu and Lo Mein Like You Remember. Both came out great. If you click on that link, those recipes are right at the top of the list.

Ds1 has been getting into more cooking. It was his idea to have a Chinese food week and I had a request from him for all sorts of extra exotic ingredients so he could try out some new recipes. He made this bread, which was just my basic recipe, but made with white flour and with added sundried tomatoes. It’s very good.

I’m glad to see him experimenting more and even more excited to see him studying. He has started swotting* for the Canadian GED, which if you don’t know is the adult equivalent of the Dogwood, or BC High School diploma.

(from my computer dictionary)

swot |swät| Brit., 

informal verb ( swotted , swotting ) [ intrans. ] study assiduously : kids swotting for exams.

noun a person who studies hard, esp. one regarded as spending too much time studying.

PHRASAL VERBS swot up on study (a subject) intensively, esp. in preparation for something: teachers spend their evenings swotting up on jargon | ( swot something up) I’ve always been interested in old furniture and I’ve swotted it up a bit.

DERIVATIVES swotty adjective

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: dialect variant of sweat .







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