having a fun week


Tai Chi Man is off work this week so we are making the most of it. Monday was BC Day and the Snowbirds did a 30 minute display, so we drove down to Okanagan Lake Bridge and walked to the highest point so that we’d get a perfect view. They came right overhead.

If you’re in Britain, they’re the Canadian equivalent of the Red Arrows. Afterwards we had a very refreshing swim in the lake, perfect after standing in the sun for 45 minutes.

Today we drove an hour north to the waterslide park – there isn’t one in our immediate area any more, it was taken down to make way for yet another condo development, which ironically is stalled as the contractor went bankrupt.

We spent four hours there. There was a considerable amount of queuing involved, even though it was a weekday. However we all had fun, and I enjoyed some quiet-ish sunbathing time. We haven’t used sunscreen in many years but decided it might be prudent to slap some chemicals on our skin for this adventure. Ds1 wasn’t impressed and only put a little on, and by the time we were driving home it was apparent he had sunburn. Still, I think he was tired enough when we arrived home that it won’t disturb his sleep!

There was a fair amount of cloud around to filter out some of the sun, which was probably a good thing.

We stopped at a health food store for “ice cream” on the way home, which wound up the outing very nicely.

Turning now to handknitting, I bring you Ålesund, which is  my current project from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. Can you see the blood, sweat and tears in this photo?

No? Well, it’s there. I have cast on for this mitten four times. The first time was with 5 dpns, but when I reached the corrugated ribbing it was all too loose. The second time was with my Boye interchangeables, trying it out with magic loop, but the cables weren’t running smoothly. The third time I was doing well (on 4 dpns instead of 5, which felt more in control), I finished the ribbing and was as far as the first row of the pattern chart, when I spotted a dropped stitch (expletive deleted). We were in the van driving to the waterslides at the time, and I tried unravelling to the problem row but the stitches were too fiddly to pick up and I ended up throwing it down in disgust. Fourth cast on produced the work you see here, which I completed on the drive home.

These are the colours I’m using. Main colour – brown. Contrast A – teal. Contrast B – golden olive. Contrast C – turquoise. Contrast D – pink. There is only going to be a tiny bit of pink and turquoise on the back of the hand. The yarn is elann.com Limited Edition Micro Cotton. Nice and soft. Lovely colours. I just went to elann to get you a link and I see that only two colours are now available, so I’m glad that I bought it when I did.

Hopefully this mitten is going to go wonderfully smoothly from here on in, or I might be convinced to make something else instead!

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