deep water and high heights


I’m really pushing my boundaries this week, facing my fears. I swung off a rope into the lake today. The water was deep and clear enough that I could see to the bottom, but it’s not something I’ve done before. I usually hate being near things like docks and slimy steps etc but I was OK today (the steps weren’t at all slimy, in fact). A couple of days ago I was swimming with two friends and we went out pretty deep, out of our depth. The bottom was sandy and being with them helped me feel braver, but I still couldn’t bring myself to swim right up to the buoy that marked the edge of the swimming area. I have a thing about ropes/chains/whatever underwater – I think if I put on some goggles and make it a goal of mine to go up to a buoy and touch it, I will be making great strides in conquering that fear.

Another thing I have a problem with is heights. Actually, I think I conquered that one this morning, as I went ziplining at an awesome place a half hour’s drive away. It was an expensive outing for our family of five, but I justified it by the fact that we were “holidaying at home” this week (Tai Chi Man had the week off and we were staying at home, not travelling).

Tai Chi Man

This zipline place offers the highest cable in Canada – 381 feet above the creek which runs through the canyon that you zip over. It’s the first one you do – you’re terrified – you think you’re going to scream or wet yourself or something – you can see it goes way, way across to the landing stage which is tiny in the distance and you check that your carabiners are clipped on OK because you don’t want to plummet to your death….

DS1 coming in for a landing

By the fourth one, you’re smiling and loving it and not holding the bars with a death-grip!

DS3 heading out

And on the fifth, you have the option to put on longer tethers and flip yourself upside-down, stretch out your arms, and whoop your way down. That gets the adrenaline going afresh.

DS2 checking out the view

There are 6 cable crossings in all, with a short uphill walk between each. We all had a great time.

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