wednesday update


August hasn’t let us down – it’s been full-on summer here and the best way to cope is to get wet a lot, whether it’s the waterslides, a friend’s pool, the lake or a late evening shower.

I am now the proud owner of a Vitamix, something I’ve coveted for a long time. Costco had a two week promotion – the company representative was demonstrating the machine and we were sufficiently impressed that we bought one, along with a supplementary smaller jug that grinds dry foods. Hugely expensive, but it meant I could give away my Osterizer blender, the juicer and the soymilk maker, all of which aren’t needed any more.

Smoothies are really easy – everything can go in at once and they come out smooth, not lumpy!

Silk, frozen strawberries, kale, banana, apricots from my garden, rice bran, Omega 369 oil, Barlean’s Greens powder – it’s a meal in a blender, tastes great and does a body good! (The rice bran was a recommendation from my kinesiologist for helping my liver detox.)

Last night, I made burgers from beans and vegetables and parsley, thickened up with some spelt flour. Four out of five of our family voted thumbs up, which is an excellent result. Zucchini, carrot, eggplant, spinach, all go down best with the kids when they’re pulverized beyond recognition!

My son gave me the photos off his camera, so here are some of me ziplining…

getting in position for the upside-down zipping

disappearing into the distance

enjoying the view of the creek, hundreds of feet below


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  1. Hello from Jersey; lovely blog with some great knitting ideas and pictures. I do some work for Caroline and she sent me a link to your blog. I recently wrote an article about knitting; hence the interest.

    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration

    Claire Stanley

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