It might not be the smoothest knitting I’ve done, but there is good progress on the first Ålesund mitten. I worked on it a little at a friend’s house this week, and again at Knit in the Park Day this afternoon. I was able to follow the chart AND the conversation at the same time! The other three contrast colours will be added on with duplicate stitch at the end.

back of the hand

The colour stranding on the back of the hand is perhaps a little tight, and there’s a couple of baggy stitches, so this pair may just be for me, as I wouldn’t want to give away something that I thought was under par.


Our apricot tree produced a fair whack of fruit this year. Not so many that it was totally overwhelming, but enough for us and a few friends to eat them fresh. I still have some in the freezer from last year that are still good, so I didn’t intend to preserve any this summer.

Eating a dozen apricots a day is a really good summer cleanse!

We were hoping to see an outdoor movie on Wednesday night. There was a giant inflatable screen set up in a local park and the suggested donation was only $3 per person for a local charity. Good deal! On the way there, there were a few drops of rain and some lightning, but we remained optimistic. However, after we arrived and set up our chairs, there was considerably more lightning, and then the rain started in earnest. They cancelled it but we’re hoping to hear when it’s rescheduled as there were no refunds.

The storm that night was the biggest in years – deluge of rain, lightning flashes every minute or so for hours, thunder that shook the house. We love sitting out on our deck, which is covered but with open sides, watching storms, and we really had a doozy this time. Of course, there were many lightning strikes that set off fires, but thankfully the rain put them out quickly.

I am so thankful for everything in my life. Grateful for friends, sunshine, rain, fruit and good health.


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  1. I find knitting a new pattern and following a conversation is like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time. My hats off to you the mitt in looking pretty awesome.

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