i touched a buoy!


The boys and I went to the beach today with a friend and her son. It was the same beach where I swam out into the deep water with two friends and nearly, but not quite, touched the buoy a couple of weeks ago.

This time, I swam out there, out of my depth, and ds2 had goggles on and was able to tell me which way the chain was hanging, attaching the buoy to the concrete block. Ds3 admitted to a fear of touching the chain too. We were both just a few feet away from the buoy, and I challenged him to touch it with me. So we did, ever so briefly, and then swam away. Very brave of both of us, I thought.

It was just a large white plastic thing, not even slimy or weedy, but that is still a considerable advance towards conquering my fears.

It helped that the bottom was sandy there, and the water clear.

No knitting was done today, so no progress on the mitten. I really need a simple garter stitch scarf or something for times when reading a chart isn’t practical.


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  1. Oh Nicola this is the most amazing post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    I am so very very impressed, thrilled and excited for you.
    You are liberated from your fear. YAY!!

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