fairy mittens


Why fairy mittens? Well, the Ålesund mitten is tiny!

The pattern is written for a medium woman’s hand. This mitten is only about 6.25 inches circumference, a whole inch smaller than the pattern. The gauge on the fair isle part is close to 6 stitches per inch, as it should be, but the palm…..nearer 8 stitches per inch.

I wouldn’t mind so much, except that my fair isle is kind of uneven and I was going to keep these for myself. However there is no way they will fit. Maybe when they are finished, the added colours on the back of the hand will hopefully distract the eye from the uneven background! 😛

In other news, the boys and I met a few friends at the same beach as yesterday for more sunning and swimming. I was floating around on my own for a bit and had a minor panicky moment when I saw something below me in the water – I knew what it was – it was a tire filled with concrete that the boys told me yesterday was placed on top of a rock pile, but somehow we couldn’t find it. When the others joined me, I was able to approach and actually stand on top of it, once again feeling victorious!



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  1. Second attempt…..Loved this colourful, informative blog….
    Come for a Proof Reading session Friday the 16th or the first of the next week if that is convenient…..And love to all, J.

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