first mitten done


Sorry to have neglected you lately, dear blog friends. The other evening, I did finish the first Ålesund mitten, even took photos, but have been very busy since.

Here’s the front (the photo shows that turquoise very nicely, which I’m pleased about as I wondered whether the pink would totally outshine it)…

And the back…

This isn’t washed yet, but even with the embroidery it’s looking better. Shame it’s so small. It fits ds3’s hand perfectly so it looks like I’ll have to find a girl to give these to when they’re done. This is the first project I’ve ever rated as “difficult” on Ravelry, thanks to the fair isle on dpns and the two-colour ribbed cuff and the concentration required to follow the chart.

I have a couple of other projects to upload to Ravelry and the blog – a crocheted neckwarmer and a baby’s toy – the neckwarmer needs buttons and the toy just needs a little stuffing and some eyes!

This weekend has been wall-to-wall activity. Yesterday we were up at 5am for a 6am start. Tai Chi Man and I went to Burnaby and Coquitlam to pick up a pre-ordered 12 layer, queen-size cotton futon, pick up an order at Lee Valley, and shop at Ikea. We spent 2.5 hours in Ikea – it was SO nice to browse the store without the boys. We couldn’t have taken them along even if they’d wanted to come, as we took the seats out of our Aerostar to fit in the stuff we intended to buy. Ds1 is happy with his new sofabed, and we invested in new cutlery (getting rid of the pile of old thrift store stuff), glasses, grater, cutlery/utensil holders, bag clips. The last time I was at Ikea, I bought a bag of 30 of those clips for sealing plastic bags (they’re only a couple of dollars) thinking it would be enough, but it wasn’t, so this time three bags went into the cart! I nearly forgot…we also bought two side tables  to replace the ugly ones we’ve had for years, and they look great in our living room.

The total distance we covered was 760 km. It took about 4 hours to get to Burnaby, and from there it was a short drive to Coquitlam. Both of these cities are on the way to Vancouver for us, part of that huge metropolitan area that I think of as Greater Vancouver, and includes Surrey and New Westminster. We took all the food and water we’d need so we didn’t have to stop and find acceptable meals (though we did discover a totally vegan store called Karmavore in New Westminster that sells cruelty-free shoes, bags and other things, and has a deli and food store downstairs). We had thermoses of hot water for tea, teabags, cold water, home-made sugar-free wheatgerm sticks, veg, fruit, Manna Bread, almond butter and energy bars. By 3.30pm, we were ready to head home again, and we arrived about 7.30pm. The rest of the evening was spent assembling the furniture.

Today I had my usual cleaning job to do and I was obviously in the mood for cleaning because I did my own housework too. That might have had something to do with the fact that a friend was coming for dinner and the house was in its usual weekend grungy state.

Doing the weekly clean on a Sunday means that my Monday is something to be anticipated with more joy than ever!

Our friend arrived bearing lavender sodas and root beer (I drank the former but will not touch the latter). We made pizzas (ds1 did his gourmet vegetable topping) and paella (with smoked tofu) and had a lovely time. And now here I am, tired but feeling like I packed two weekends worth of stuff into one. Fantastic!




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