bernat neckwarmer and blanket buddy


This is the neckwarmer I mentioned yesterday. It’s a Bernat free pattern made from Softee Chunky. The crochet stitch is interesting but easy to learn. It’s basically a small scarf that is buttoned around your neck – I haven’t bought buttons yet. The pattern photo shows 3 buttons but I may go for 4, as there are four scallops at the edge.

And this is for a baby shower I will be going to in October. Yes, planning ahead! It’s from the book One Skein Designer Wonders. Sort of a cross between a toy and a blankie. Quick to make (I did all the knitting on our Saturday road trip). Better than a blanket, as it’s small, and better than a toy, because there’s no fiddly sewing up. I used Schoeller+Stahl Cotton Mix knitted on a size smaller needle than the pattern recommended as my yarn is a little thicker than the suggested yarn.

Just a note about the “head” – it’s knitted on straight needles but in such a way as to produce a tube, also known as “double knitting”. I was halfway through that part when I explained to Tai Chi Man, who of course was a captive audience considering he was driving the van, about how I had to be careful to purl and slip the correct stitches or the two layers would be joined and that would be a bad thing. You can guess what happened. Not long after, I checked my work and there was a spot where the two layers were joined – aaagh! I managed to figure out which column of stitches held the error, and fixed it by unravelling that column, separating the layers, and crocheting up again, which was better than undoing the whole thing. It did leave a loose area where I had purled instead of slipped, but when I finished it off today I filled in the loose stitches with some duplicate stitch.

The best thing about both of these projects is that they were basically free – the red yarn was given to me by a friend, and the blue was left over from a pair of mitts.







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