birthday love


It’s my birthday today….my 49th! I love birthdays, regardless of the age. I think my parents feel their age more when they realise they have a daughter who is nearly 50! I have a younger sister too, and I had phone calls from her and my parents today, wishing me Happy Birthday.

My Facebook wall was inundated with messages – I couldn’t believe how many people took the time to say Happy Birthday. I feel very blessed.

I was at the beach with the kids this afternoon and some other homeschooling families. One of the teens baked a batch of cupcakes with special frosting – so pretty – white with lilac flowers, and two candles in the shape of stars – very yummy.

I made a banana cake, well two really, because I doubled the quantity and took some to the beach and had some for dinner. The two layers were sandwiched with some fruit spread. It was very good.

I have to confess to buying the flowers for myself. And very pretty they are too.


This beautiful banner was a gift from Tai Chi Man. I love that Om symbol; I have even considered getting it as a tattoo!

All in all, a very enjoyable day.














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