last days of summer


I didn’t enjoy writing that title. But it’s true.  Much as I want summer to continue well into September, yes, even if it means sweaty days and uncomfortable nights, I’m not done with beach days.

Today it’s 28 degrees in the house and 32 out on the deck. Tai Chi Man was busy today, so I took ds2 and ds3 to the beach mid-afternoon for a couple of hours. Very pleasant. Sun, blue sky, warm lake. We swam, played cards, swam again. No pressure to get home for a certain time, as I cooked earlier in the day.

We were originally planning to drive up to Echo Lake and paddle some canoes today, but that was postponed, so the food that I was going to make Saturday night as our Sunday picnic ended up being dinner today. Chinese dumplings, fried rice, Lo Mein and miso soup. It was an especially good idea on a hot day as the kitchen work was done before the house got unbearably hot.

I am avoiding the second fair isle mitten – I have done minimal work on it in the last week and I can feel myself coming up with other stuff to do rather than sit down and get on with it. In knitting news, however, I have sent in my application for Level 1 of the Certified Knitting Instructor course. It’s offered by the Craft Yarn Council. Unfortunately they don’t accept online payments so I had to go to the bank for a US dollar money order.

It’s done by correspondence and I am eagerly awaiting my instruction manual.

I know I will have to do some teaching as part of the course – 15 hours I think. I have already had some practice at that – last week I was getting two girls started with knitting, and the previous week I was helping another friend to teach the girls’ mum. I have volunteered to help teach a course with the local Seniors Learning in Retirement group – that’ll happen in January – so that means I already have some students lined up.

If I enjoy Level 1, I may go on and do Level 2, or perhaps do Level 1 of the crochet course. Don’t know yet.

I love the way that I set my intentions and they are unfolding beautifully. I have four things written on the board in the kitchen – exercise, piano, Mandarin and knitting certification. The ball is rolling on the knitting, and today I had a call from a friend who had found free Mandarin classes on Saturdays and was going to check things out for me. Piano lessons – I do have a young friend who would be willing to teach me – it’s just a question of co-ordinating our schedules now that he has a full-time job. But I can see that happening in the near future too.

The day after tomorrow, the temperature is forecast to be 10 degrees (C) lower than today. I will undoubtedly feel more like exercising when it’s not so hot, and will aim to do more walking and get back into Zumba.

I think we’re up to date now…ttyl.


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  1. When you follow your path the universe opens all doors before you. It seems that you are just doing the right things 🙂

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