harvest time – sort of


Everything in our garden seems to be late this year. It probably has a lot to do with our cool spring and early summer, which meant Tai Chi Man planted our seedlings out later than usual, but our peaches are not reliant on our labour and they’re late too. I am starting to pick them now and usually we start eating them in August.

We cheated on tomatoes. We have had the occasional tomato from the garden, but today we drove south and picked up almost 75lbs of toms from a fruit stand that we have visited before. That’s only three boxes – it doesn’t look like 75lbs, until of course you bring them home and start washing them and cutting them up. My Vitamix did a wonderful job of blitzing each batch of quartered tomatoes in about 3 seconds – I like to freeze the resulting tomato puree in mason jars. I filled 24 and still had plenty of tomatoes left. Tomato salad for dinner with fresh basil from the pot on the deck. (I don’t like canned tomatoes any more – they taste metallic to me – so the ones I freeze in glass jars will add a good fresh tomato flavour to recipes.)

I also bought a box of nectarines, which are so ripe and very good.

And two unusual squash(es?), one of which is called a Turk’s Turban! It’s a very odd shape.

I seem to be having a hard time with electronics at the moment. My iPod keeps dropping its Wi Fi connection, my Scrabble game throws me out, Safari quit unexpectedly a few minutes ago and hell, even WordPress just logged me out all by itself just now.

However, all is well in the knitting world. Thanks to Tai Chi Man doing the driving today, I have almost finished the second Alesund mitten. Just half of the thumb to go plus the duplicate stitching. It will feel SO good to finish these. I will even block them to try and even out the stitches. I’m looking forward to starting a new project – one that is easier!

Our calendar is looking very full for the coming week. Nothing schooly, I hasten to add – I am delaying the start of academic work until the week of the 12th. The boys have been warned. I was about to say that after that, our calendar is clear, however ds2 is probably going to be doing a graphic art course that will keep him busy two mornings a week for five weeks.

Well, I really must go, it’s getting late. Tomorrow’s a public holiday here, it’s Labour Day, or perhaps that should be No-Labour Day! Tai Chi Man has taken the whole week off. šŸ™‚


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  1. When all electronics let you down…maybe there is a message to it šŸ˜‰
    Some etheric friends unplugging addictive gadgets maybe šŸ˜‰
    All in life has a reason…

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