Oh Yes!


Alesund is DONE! The second mitten, which I have to admit I was dreading, was done in less time than I expected, and I made sure to work on it when I had company. It’s not always a good plan to read a chart while spending time with a friend, but it made for more pleasant progress.

They fit my youngest son – no chance that they’d fit me, sadly, as it would be rather nice to wear these. I’ll have to find a girl to give them to.

The cuff, with its corrugated ribbing.

The palm.

The stitching evened out a bit with a quick handwash and blocking on a towel, and I’m actually happy with the final result.

Latest news on my possible teaching career! Well, volunteer teaching. I was out to lunch with three ladies today, one of whom is the organiser for the Seniors Learning in Retirement Society. She set up this lunch so that I could meet the other lady who had offered to teach the knitting class in January. The details are yet to be ironed out, but it looks like it’s definitely going to happen, so I’m hoping my instruction manual arrives from the CYCA sooner rather than later.

Fun times!







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  1. Nicola they are stunning, congratulations. You will have to post a picture of all the project and the book together when done.

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