goodbye aethelwyne


A nice quick project was our Aethelwyne. All done except for a bit of blocking.

Next up, a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend’s baby shower in October – due date November. I was in Michael’s yesterday with a 20% off (almost) everything coupon in my sweaty paw, so I bought three brightly coloured balls of their Loops and Threads Impeccable for making samples for the seniors knitting class, and two balls of this jewel-toned Red Heart Soft for a Baby Surprise Jacket.

I went to the Ravelry Sit ‘n Stitch venue this afternoon, hoping to see some other knitters, but no one showed up, so I sat for a while with a tall mug of mint chocolate rooibos and cast on for the jacket. One hundred and sixty stitches! I counted them about 5 times to be sure I had the right number, and knitted two rows. By the time I’d done that, my parking meter was running out, and I was still alone, so I went home.

That’s it for now….off to update my Ravelry project page.






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