the end of a busy week


Wow, could two weeks really be any more different? Last week, we stayed close to home, four of the afternoons were “dining room table” time, ie homeschool in our own way, one afternoon the two younger boys and I went around to collect the full SPCA money tins (one of my volunteer duties for the shelter) and then swam at a beach that we love that has a couple of docks and a rope swing. Didn’t burn too much gas that week.

This week, totally different. Ds2 started a Graphic Art course for a high school credit. It’s a workshop-type class, so there is a local group meeting twice a week for five weeks. I also set up a regular Wednesday afternoon sports session for the homeschoolers – just playing California Kickball or whatever at a centrally-located park. I had my volunteer thing. Tai Chi with the man. A sock knitting “class” at a coffee shop for a friend who needs to make wool socks because she is diabetic and is always in pain.

Drive….clean…drive…knit…drive….visit…drive…shop…drive…bake…drive…clean…that pretty much sums it up!

Every morning I’ve been up early and I’m totally knackered. However, I have to say that tomorrow is just for me. Three-fifths of my family is out of town – Tai Chi Man has gone to a conference (a fun one that he has been looking forward to), ds2 and ds3 have gone on a youth group retreat to a lakeside cottage about two hours drive north of here. I couldn’t convince ds1 to find somewhere to go so it’s just him and me for a couple of days. I ain’t cookin’! I had a smoothie for dinner (at 8pm when I finally finished with all my other commitments).

I think that tomorrow I might finally get to the Farmers Market which I’ve been meaning to check out all summer, followed by my usual Mandarin class. I can count to ten in Chinese now!

My Baby Surprise Jacket has grown a bit, but those rows are long and garter stitch always seems to grow slowly. The boys took the camera to the lake with them, so there may not be a photo update until at least Sunday evening.

I’ve become aware that I seem to be attracting deer at the moment. On three occasions, I have seen a total of six deer. The first one was a stag. The second occasion it was three females, and then tonight on the way home from the office cleaning job I saw two more females. It worries me to see them so close to the road and brings it home to me how much our houses encroach on their land and block their access to the lake.

Going to sign off now and watch two episodes of  New Tricks, a rather good British TV program that airs on the Knowledge Network on Friday nights. My PVR has recorded them while I’ve been catching up on the computer. Have a great weekend!

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