aaah, cool


This is being tapped out on my iPod while I sit on my deck. I’m so thankful for this morning. I’m in my new fleece pajamas, enjoying the coolness of the air. I’d put money on yesterday being the hottest Equinox on record. Our digital thermometer registered 31 Celsius in the afternoon – I was just a puddle!
The forecast is for 29 today, but at this moment it’s cool and comfortable. I’ve had my huge mug of rooibos tea and now, motivated by the fact that we have maple syrup in the house, I have a bowl of porridge in front of me as well as the knitting mystery novel I’m wasting my time with!
I have lots of knitting books and sock knitting DVDs waiting for me on the sofa, picked up from the library yesterday.
I intend to have an awesome day. (c:

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