perfect day


Since my breakfast post, I have been having a lovely day. Went to the Farmers Market this morning. Didn’t buy anything, but it was nice to browse. Very hot in the sun.

Went across to the regional park to check out the creek. The Kokanee salmon are spawning right now, and it was very pleasant standing in the shade watching the salmon in the creek. Struck up a conversation with an 80 year old man who seemed to have the same attitude towards animals as I do. One of the trails was closed to give a mother black bear and her three cubs some privacy and my new friend told me about some of his meetings with wild animals.

I walked along by the creek (on an open trail) in the hope of spotting a black bear, but sadly had no luck. The man, whose name was Gilbert, joined me and we had a very interesting discussion about all sorts of things including his childhood and his deceased wife. Turns out a lot of his beliefs are similar to mine and we realised that our meeting was no coincidence.

I stayed chatting to him for a while, even though it meant that I missed my Mandarin class at 1pm. I didn’t mind. With Tai Chi Man being out of town, it would have been just me and a crowd of preschoolers at the class and I’d rather wait until next Saturday when we can both go. Also I was enjoying my conversation with Gilbert and didn’t want to cut it short.

After driving out of the parking lot, I considered my next move. How wonderful and freeing to not be attached to any particular plan. I decided to go home and ask ds1 if he was interested in taking the kayaks out on the lake, something I had suggested to him yesterday.

He was eating pizza when I got home, a rather delicious looking one that he’d made himself, but was willing to abandon it midway to go out on the lake. We loaded the kayaks onto the roof of the good old Aerostar, strapped them down as best we could, and a mere few minutes later we were at the lake.

I think we paddled for about an hour, staying close to the shore. Paddling through the tall reeds was rather fun, but neither of us liked the kind of weed that grows under the surface and makes you cringe at the thought of tipping in! Thankfully the bottom was mostly sandy or pebbly.

As it was a hot Saturday afternoon, there were many other lake-users, mostly people with fast noisy motorboats, made even noisier in some cases with loud music. It is so pleasant in a kayak – you’re getting some exercise, all there is to listen to is the splash of the paddles, you can trail your hands in the water and appreciate the coolness……..

Dinner was a simple affair. As I said before, I had no intention of cooking today. I found some tomatoes in the garden and ate them sprinkled with a little seasalt together with a couple of home-made focaccia buns. Bliss!

Since then, I’ve been leafing through knitting books and watching sock knitting DVDs. It may be the rest of the family who’ve been “on holiday” but I feel like today has been a mini-vacation for me too.

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