samples for class


Last night, I pulled out this sample I’d made some time ago to help me teach knitting to friends. It shows five different types of texture that you can achieve with just knits and purls.

Each section is labelled with the type of stitch and its qualities.

I decided to knit another sample to demonstrate gauge, and included a single contrast row between each section so that people can see exactly what’s happening to the yarn as they’re knitting with it.

I started with US15 needles at the bottom, changed to 10.5, then 8, then 5, so my work went from too loose to too tight.

After the kayaking, it was all my arms could take to finish this, and I ended up getting to bed much earlier than the previous night, along with my knitting mystery novel.

A word about these books – I’m on my fourth in a couple of weeks. I won’t say which authors they are, but the first two were romances, both by the same author, and the second two are murder mysteries. Rather predictable storylines, but the knitting references make it a bit more interesting. However the thing that’s been annoying me is the typos. Too many of them. Maybe I could offer my services as a proofreader……… And I just remembered, in one book a character was apparently a vegetarian but was offered a vegetable and SEAFOOD paella! Gah!

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