knitting and hot chocolate


Tonight I added to the Baby Surprise Jacket and am now at the halfway point. It’s neat to see this on a circular needle as you can really see how the shaping is turning out.

Not the best photo – I just took it in my family room before coming over to the computer. Artificial light, doubled….the wall light plus the camera flash made for a dark photo….weird! I tweaked it a bit in iPhoto. I’m at the stage where all the decreases are done and now I will start to increase at the same points. Somehow I managed to mess up the position of the stitch markers. I think when I moved one up the other day, I may have offset it by a stitch, but having messed up my stitch count on the last jacket I’m not concerned as it still looked fine.

It was chilly today – wet and windy. Tonight after dinner, I changed out of my short sleeved sweater into my cuddly yoke cardigan and a wrap to keep my neck warm for vegging on the couch. SO nice to get out the winter “woollies”.

Last night, the boys and I enjoyed some hot chocolate. And for the first time ever, we had marshmallows floating on top. Before you write and tell me that they’re not vegan, these ones actually ARE. I found Dandies Vegan Marshmallows at my local health food store, and I wouldn’t normally pay out over $5 for a sugary bag of fluff, BUT for once I wanted the boys to be able to join in, toasting marshmallows around a campfire like the rest of the teens. Amazingly they came back with a partial bag – the leftovers were sticking together somewhat, but we pulled them apart and put them in our hot chocolate, and wow, were they sweet, but good!


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