monday monday


Unlike Garfield, I don’t hate Mondays, even though ds2 has been attending a twice-weekly workshop that starts at 9am and I have to get up at 7am and go into his room about twenty times to get him out of bed! He is enjoying his Graphic Art, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to wake up. 🙂  He has a lot on his plate already, but has just committed to yet another course for high school credit – a friend of his who thankfully lives nearby has set up a Photography course, so ds2 can walk over there every Thursday evening for that.

After I dropped him off (15 minutes late) I drove over to Fabricland and Michaels. I needed buttons for the Baby Surprise Jacket and the red crocheted scarf that I made some time ago. Found some perfect ones and when the ends are woven in on the scarf I’ll get a photo. I have a few rows left to knit on the jacket – so close to finishing, which is just as well as it will be given to my friend on Thursday.

At Michaels, I had to buy 175 split rings – I only wanted one, but of course they only sell them in packets. Ds2 bought himself a Tiger Iron pendant and silver chain last week but the loop on the crystal was too small for the chain, so the store-owner added a silver jumpring to the pendant. I thought at the time that it looked a little unsafe, and my premonition came true on Friday night when ds2 was leaping around with his crazy friends in someone’s backyard. Just as we were leaving, he noticed the stone was gone. We looked for it for about 20 minutes in the grass, but in the end it was one of the other mums who found it in the first place she looked, using her cellphone as a flashlight. It was about 11pm by this time and I was glad that it had been found. I have re-attached the gemstone to the chain with the split ring which will be much more reliable.

Thought I’d share these photos of autumn. It’s feeling very harvesty around here.

apples and pears from the farmers' market

prune plums and wine grapes from our garden

plum crumble

I’m loving the rain and the cooler days.









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