samples and graffiti


At the park yesterday, while the boys were playing with a friend, I crocheted a little yarnbomb. I didn’t feel like taking a new knitting project with me – it would have meant thinking about what I needed – and I’d had enough of the green yarn!

As you can see, I’ve been busy making sample squares for the CYCA Teacher Certification. I was wondering whether I’d been overdoing the knitting, as I have had a pain in the joint of the little finger on my right hand, but in fact I’ve since had achy joints in other parts of my body so I guess it’s not the knitting. We have some MSM in the house so I’ve started taking it. Figure it can’t hurt.

I still have a few more samples to knit and a lesson plan to write. I don’t know who my “teacher” is, or where to send this stuff, but no doubt all will become clear in the fullness of time.

That ribbed square was the most challenging to make five inches wide. I had to restart a few times to get it close, and since I made that one it’s shrunk a little. If it was wool, I’d block it like crazy!

It was an early start today – I had to drive three SPCA animals to three vets. Two dogs and a cat. I was all over town. After that was the usual cat room clean, but I couldn’t stay to play with them for long as I had to get home. We had UV film applied to all our windows (the guys are still here actually) so I had to be home when they arrived. Looks like they’ll get it all done in one day. Tomorrow the gas furnace is being serviced at 9am and then we’ll be all ready for the cold weather.

This morning on the radio, as I was driving into town, they said it was 3 degrees, but the airport tends to be colder than our area and it didn’t feel that cold to me. I had a hoodie on but no hat or mitts and I was quite comfortable. Downtown I saw a little ice on the road and the SPCA van had ice on the windshield, so they must have had a frost. Max was supposed to be 13 but it was up to 17 on our deck this afternoon, thanks to the sunshine.

Well, I’d better quit waffling on.  I have some stuff cooking upstairs and I need to get some other things done. Talk to you again soon.

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