love it or frog it?


While my other window works away on importing a photo, which seems to be taking longer than it should, I thought I’d write this post to show two views of the crocheted neckwarmer I made last night. I had this burgundy elann Micro Cotton sitting around, along with some contrasting colours in the same yarn. It’s nice and soft and good for wearing next to the skin. I had a couple of false starts, first with knitting needles, then with the crochet hook, because I didn’t like the initial results.

This is made with alternating rows of single/half double/double crochet (double, half treble, treble if you’re in the UK) with a couple of rows of contrast thrown in every now and then. I haven’t woven in the ends yet because I’m still trying to decide whether I like it and whether it’s good enough to give to a friend as a birthday gift.

I think it’ll look nicer when washed and blocked, but for now I need some opinions to help me decide whether to give it away, keep it or frog it! I will of course be adding a nice big button to it and all those naturally occurring holes will offer opportunities for different buttoning options.

I am attempting to set up a poll in that aforementioned other window so wish me luck at getting my first ever poll published successfully!

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  1. Hmm. At this stage it rather looks like a long version of the potholders we crocheted in grade 3 in Germany (sorry…). Whether it’d be a good gift would depend entirely on the recipient – if they like those colours, they might love it, especially if it’s as soft as you say.

    When i was a kid, I once knitted my mom some wrist warmers- like the cuffs on a sweater without the sweater. Because, of course, if your wrists (pulse points) are warm, so’s the rest of you. That could be a good use for that yarn, too (if you have any more, you could make some to match the neckwarmer- hehe).

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