still here


Has it been a while since my last post? Life has been getting in the way of blogging recently, and it’s ironic to think that the more I do, the more I have to blog about, but I have less time to write!

There has been knitting…

just a pair of “pocketbook” slippers, which are very simple. This pair has already been given to a friend. I used bulky yarn rather than worsted and they came out nice and smooshy. I think this is Kertzer’s Northern Chunky.

This would be a really good pattern for a beginner. It has knit, purl, increasing, decreasing, potentially one to keep in mind for the seniors class in the New Year. That class has been put back until February now, which gives me more time to prepare.

I feel I should be careful of the quantity of my knitting time, as I’m pretty sure that the mysterious bumps that have appeared around my wrists are ganglion cysts. I’m not going to do as some people suggest (banging them with a large book!) but I will be mentioning them to my kinesiologist when I see her next, along with some mild joint pain that I’ve been having. If I can take a natural anti-inflammatory remedy, or maybe leave something out of my diet that may be causing the aches, then I’ll do it.

A bit of excitement this week – I saw an ad in the newspaper for a Bay City Rollers concert happening in town in a couple of weeks. I don’t expect the original lineup, but the lead singer will be the same. He’s in his 50s now! In 1975, I was 13, and madly in love with the band. You may have heard that song I linked to if you’ve seen Love Actually. Liam Neeson played a character whose wife had died, and Bye Bye Baby was played at her funeral.

Can’t hang around – two of the boys have a teen gathering at the pool tonight. Bye for now!


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