that didn’t last long….


I managed to stay away from the knitting for a whole week! At the park on Wednesday, I took my knitting mill and churned out a length of blue i-cord, just to have some contact with yarn. But yesterday I did some real knitting! My sister emailed me and said that the newspaper she works for is starting up a children’s club and has a new teddy bear mascot. Said teddy needs a sweater. She gave me the measurements and I started on it that same day.

I’m using Bernat Softee Chunky and my own sketched out design, which I am going to have to hope works out as I don’t have the bear to try it on. I do have a photo though, and the bear has the usual enormous head, so I’m thinking a buttoned shoulder would be a good plan. Above is the first sleeve finished and the second one in progress.

Yesterday afternoon, the weather was beautiful. Sunny and about 13 degrees out in the garden. I enticed the kids outside for some walnut-picking-up. The walnuts fall relentlessly every autumn (I guess that’s why they call it FALL) and I said I needed help for just 30 minutes. We even took a timer out with us.

But, you know, once we’d started, we actually enjoyed it. We have a nifty roller on a pole that picks up walnuts without having to bend over, so we took turns with that, and picked some up the old-fashioned way, and poured a few bucketfuls on the concrete at the back of the house, and raked a ton of leaves. Ds3 particularly got into raking as he had a plan – to pile them up enough to throw himself into them – so that’s what he did. I had to go inside after about an hour as I had to start dinner, but the boys stayed out for about two hours.

Today we had some friends over for lunch and play. I would have liked to see them outside in that beautiful green scene, but they ended up playing on the PS2 and then digging into the pile of Lego and making a ton of models. That was good too.

Now I am stuffed with Bliss Balls, pineapple upside-down cake and heavily iced cupcakes, which I’m hoping I at least partially burned off with a long brisk walk in the dark. Time for a hot drink and a good TV show.

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