new yarn :o)


I was in my favourite LYS today buying that yarn for the magic yarn ball. Seems like I love Kertzer/James C Brett – I think I could knit with their stuff 99% of the time. (Hmm, sticky keyboard, I just typed 999%!)

I went into the LYS with the idea of buying one ball of yarn, and for some reason I came out with four extra. I bet that’s never happened to you. Nope, didn’t think so! This is four balls of James C Brett Marble in shades MT26 and MT29. It’s difficult to appreciate them in the photo but they are lovely jewel tones and must be fairly new colours as I haven’t seen them before.

After my yarn “review” in my sewing room the other night, I have a pile to give away, but I found a ball of something white without a label. It’s quite soft but undoubtedly acrylic. I decided to grab a pair of good ol’ straights and just cast on 30 stitches and knit some leisurely garter stitch for a while. A few days on and I have a reasonable length of scarf – not enough to wrap around your neck twice, but enough to maybe sew the ends together to make a “moebius” twist that should hang nicely.

I keep getting distracted by the noise from the TV – Bruce Lee is beating people up in Enter the Dragon! Time to go…


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