My life in a bag


Tapping this out on my iPod while sitting in my favourite health food store, I am led to muse how I love my new Nepalese bag. It is so roomy and pretty and it basically holds my survival kit. Oh, how we are attached to our stuff!

My van is having a new CV boot fitted and I have a few hours to fill. I’ve already walked to Walmart and Michaels (shoelaces and canvases) and then doubled back to see if Tai Chi Man was at his office. No, out 😦

A couple of blocks in the other direction are the bank and the health food store, so I paid in a cheque and now I am sitting down with a pomegranate anti-ox juice drink.

Back to the bag….it surprisingly doesn’t hold my knitting, as it was a bit bulky and I left it in the van. It does, however, hold:
A book
Water bottle
Contact lens solution
Notepad and pen
Hand lotion
Hand sanitiser
Playing cards
Dental floss
Pocket knife
Reading glasses

As you can see it’s my own personal entertainment unit!

Once I have read my book for a bit, I’ll probably head over to Chapters for a browse. Hopefully I’ll get a call from the garage sooner rather than later so I can collect the van and go on home.

Crossing my fingers that this will publish when I get a wifi connection…

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  1. Looks like it did publish, as I’m reading it – and I’m certainly not sitting in the health food store, looking over your shoulder. I’ve been coveting one of those Nepalese slouch bags for a while now; I think there might be one in the offing for me soon.

  2. I don’t know what I’d do without my Nepalese bag! So glad you found one too as I do believe everyone should have one. Sure, sometimes the fabulous roominess means that I’m digging around a bit, but I think that’s part of it’s charm. Yours is gorgeous by the way! 🙂

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