knitting needle desire


I’m working my way through the first 15 garter ridges of the Rikke Hat using US#4 needles. You know what’s so great about that? When I change up to the #7s, they’ll feel huge and it’ll seem like chunky knitting after that! It’s all relative, eh.

Have you ever seen these? Only the most beautiful handmade knitting needles ever. And there’s something like a three month wait for them, because they are made by one man in Vermont, USA, not a factory in China! There’s one problem, and it’s not the $140 price tag (that’s for the interchangeable needle set). Which colour to choose? They are all beautiful and I am torn between the Sunrise, Alabaster, Vermont Apple, Turquoise, Winter Sky…….

I think if I do take the plunge and order a set (the one with eight sizes of needle, 5 inch tips) I will sell off my Boye and Denise interchangeables, and even my beloved (but never used) set of Milward straights that I have had for more than 25 years. I think I could get $25 a set, which would give me $75 towards the cost of the new Dyakcraft Darn Pretties!

Really, with a set of those gorgeous needles with the long cables, I could Magic Loop small diameter projects like socks, knit anything in the round or flat, and why would I need a needle roll full of dpns, or another full of ugly plastic circs? I rarely use anything smaller than a 4 or bigger than a 10.5 anyway.

I have read some of the reviews of these needles and everyone raves about them. Not a single complaint. Not one to succumb easily to impulse buys, I shall sleep on it again tonight and make a decision soon. In the meantime, do not order any for yourself, as it will hold up my potential order (just kidding)! 🙂

Today was our second homeschool knitting/crochet afternoon and everyone came with their needles and hooks. There may not have been a huge amount of knitting – I think one girl only did one row – but one of the boys asked to learn purling (yay, progress). I brought my Bond knitting machine and all the kids loved it (I waited until they had all spent some time working by hand first.) They all had a go at pushing the carriage back and forth and were amazed how quick and easy it was. The piece of stockinette that came off the machine wasn’t very long, but it was enough to tie around the neck of little Mickey, 2 years old! I will be taking it back next week so that an older boy can make himself a scarf.

December 1st today, so that means it’s time for a Solstice tree. We’re going to a local tree farm tomorrow, one that we discovered last year. Ds3 wants a mini one for his room – we’ll have to see what they have. Then it’ll be lighting up time. What are you doing to brighten up your life at this darkest time of year?




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  1. Beautiful needles! I can’t wait to see what colour you choose – I would have a hard time too as they are all gorgeous!

    I know you have been unhappy with your current interchangables, and since knitting is something you do pretty much every day, I think it would be a great investment.

    Go for it!! 🙂

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