the yule season is here


Before I show you my Yule tree, I have to confess I am vacillating over the decision to buy the Dyakcraft interchangeable knitting needles. I had my Visa card at the ready and agonised over which beautiful colour to choose, finally decided on the Winter Sky, added it to my cart and calculated the cost including shipping (US dollars of course). Then I remembered the extra $5 customs handling fee and probable 12% tax as the parcel crossed the border into Canada which makes for a staggering $175.

I paused for thought. And will not be rushing into the purchase! Yet.

photo with flash

Friday afternoon, our family headed out to the countrified east side of the city looking for Christmas tree farms. The two that we remembered from last year had no signs out and we had given up and were headed back home when ds1 spotted a sign. We turned around and followed more signs back the way we came, and eventually made our way to Woodhaven Tree Farms. They grow trees and cut them on request, but also have a few precut ones for sale. The live trees, up to 8 ft tall, are $80, but we saved $30 by taking a precut tree. After a little was trimmed off the bottom to fit it into our cast iron tree stand, it stood at the perfect height, almost brushing the ceiling.

without flash and on "indoor" mode

The lights only start at the tree. The boys did it all this year. I sat on the sofa and let go of my controlling tendencies and they plastered the tree, the dining room, living room and hallway with little white lights. All of their bedrooms have lights too. We have abandoned the tacky old handmade stuff and the tree looks somewhat more classy this year with red and silver balls, tin stars and icicles, and three ceramic ornaments that the boys received last year from a friend. There is one handmade ornament which Affectioknit sent me last year.

slow shutter, camera moves

I was playing with the settings on the camera and this is what I got by mistake!

Lastly, a couple of extra photos, the first taken by me and the second by ds3. These are totally untouched and unedited.


They were taken from my back deck on different days.






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