in harmony with my knitting


Did you guess from the title that I’ve bought some new knitting needles? Remember I said that the Dyakcraft ones, while beautiful, were somewhat above my idea of a reasonable price range? Well, I have returned to the Harmony needles sold by Knitpicks. I looked at these a long time ago and should have just bought them at the time! It would have saved me the expense of buying other less than wonderful needles.

Rather than six pairs of tips for $140, and a long wait of at least three months from Dyakcraft, I paid $85US for nine pairs of tips, cables etc for the Harmony wood interchangeables with only a wait of a week or two. I also added in a 40 inch cable for magic looping. I would have been tempted by a set of cable needles too except they are out of stock.

I suggested to Tai Chi Man that he could contribute part of the cost (which is coming out of birthday/Christmas money from parents/in-laws) and then he doesn’t have to come up with something to put under the tree next weekend!

I don’t think I’ll need the biggest sizes that are sold separately – I rarely knit with really big needles. There was a time when I was sufficiently impatient that that’s all I wanted to knit with, but not any more!

Thanks to my friend Ev at Strings ‘n Things for giving me a glowing recommendation for these needles and helping me come to a decision.


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  1. I love my Knit Picks needles (I have the metal ones and a few odds and sods of the wooden ones). I find that 32″ cables are long enough for magic loop. The cables are so wonderful and pliable. The tips are great – good and pointy. The price point is great too– as much as I like Addi’s, I can no longer justify the cost (even with shipping). I hope you bought some yarn when you were shopping!

    Happy Yule, Nicola!

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