lighting up the solstice


The winter solstice was pretty chilly here. The temperature didn’t get above about minus 2 Celsius though we did have sunshine. Sunrise happened at 7.54 and sunset at 15.59.

We’re having our festive meal and gift-giving on the 24th this year, because that’s what works well with the calendar. As you can see from the top photo, there are many gifts to open. The five of us have made an effort this year to find good quality gifts for each other rather than going for quantity. (I seem to contradict myself here, but one year we had over 100 small presents under the tree – that was the first year that we stopped having “Santa” come and visit.)

Dinner tonight wasn’t anything special but I did want to add some extra light to the darkest day. Lining these candles up along the windowsill worked well as they reflected in the new window film.

Seen from this angle, you can see the circle of candles on the dining room table, the line of candles on the windowsill with their reflections, and yet more reflections in the wood of the table itself.

It’s been a long day…the SPCA this morning, followed by a decaf gingerbread soy latte with a friend, to delivering newspapers with my sons this afternoon, making dinner then doing some last minute grocery shopping, and finally finishing off a crocheted gift (which I will show you in a couple of days time)…I’m surprised I’m still awake!

Wishing you all warmth and light in the coming year as the sun returns.

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