drop stitch scarf


I still have two skeins of James C Brett Marble from my last trip to the yarn store. The colour theme is blue with variations as per the usual Marble yarn. I wanted a simple project that I could work on anywhere and decided on the Drop Stitch Scarf that was actually in my Ravelry queue. I usually forget about my queue – it’s not very long but I tend to add something to it then never knit it!

This is a really easy pattern to memorise – only an eight row repeat and the first and fifth have the extra yarnovers to make the open sections – the rest is just knit knit knit. It’s 26 stitches wide, so only about 6 inches, but that’s great because each row gets done really fast. I’m using US#8 needles – Denise ones, which I haven’t used for ages. However my #7 Boye ones are getting worn and scratched and the #8s have a catchy bit where they connect to the cable so they’re no fun.

I dream of using my new Harmony interchangeables from Knitpicks, when they finally make it through the Christmas post. I know they’ve shipped…….

Wishing you all a wonderful celebration this week, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, or just a celebration of being alive and lighting candles to brighten the darkness. ;-D

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