now i can show you…



This is a Ravelry pattern that I found when I did a search for “Minecraft.” All my boys are mad about the game and a creeper is, I am told, a nasty thing in the game that can creep up behind you, hiss at you, and kill you off!

The Bernat Chunky yarn isn’t exactly accurate but ds1 said it was more appropriate than the other potential choice in the store so that’s what I bought. Creepers are generally just shades of green, so I did cut out parts of the brown/beige in places. If you’ve seen the game, you know that everything is pixelated  which is very hard to achieve in variegated yarn!

Now that we have exchanged our Yule gifts I can blog about this. I don’t think ds3 reads my blog these days but I didn’t want to risk it. The feet aren’t quite the same as each other. The one I made first, on a different day from the others, looks different from the rest. I added some cardboard inside the fronts and backs of the head and body, and the top of the head. The pattern suggests plastic canvas but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to search high and low for it. The face is black felt.

Anyway, I’m pleased because ds3 loves it.




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