Christmas goodies


These are the cutest gifts I received last night….some “fair isle” type slippers from ds1 and a mini Puffle keychain from ds3. I saw the keychains in ToysRUs and loved them, so I dropped big hints!

I am calling the Puffle “Pansy” because ds3 tells me he has named all of his. Even though he’s 13, he still wanted another Puffle for his collection, so I bought him a pink one….not wanting to stereotype.

I also have a $10 gift certificate to spend at my LYS (that won’t last long :)). And my Knitpicks needles are winging their way to me – very excited about those.

I was up early – I can’t say BRIGHT and early because I was very bleary-eyed – at 6.15am so that I could phone the family to wish them Happy Christmas. My sister is hosting again – her husband, her two teens, his two teens, one girlfriend, and my parents – so I called early enough (2.15pm their time) that they had just finished eating lunch but hadn’t imbibed so much that they were incoherent!!! (My dad’s going to love that comment if he reads this. ;-P )

Tai Chi Man and I went out yesterday to browse the video rental store. Obviously internet access has caused demand to drop dramatically, because large chains like Blockbuster Video, Rogers and Movie Gallery have all closed down in our area. Now we are left with one source – Leo’s Videos. It’s a treasure trove of a place, stocking not only new releases but thousands of older movies, TV series, foreign films – you name it.

We also dropped in at our favourite local bookstore, Mosaic Books, and I found my favourite family calendar marked down 50%. That’s when I like to buy calendars! This is a particularly good one, with a week to view, plenty of room to write in appointments, notes and even the daily meal plans. I also splurged on two boxes of those magnetic poetry sets – one Haiku and one happiness – and had a very pleasant hour after I arrived home putting the words on the fridge and playing around with them.

haiku composed by ds2

haiku composed by ds2

haiku by me

not haiku!

also not haiku

deep existential stuff, eh

happiness is...

this one's mostly in focus!

If you’ve made it through all those, well done! I probably should get out of these pajamas now, kick some kids out of bed, and help them with the paper route as a way of forcing myself to get outside for some exercise.




















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  1. Excellent gifts! I can’t believe you were brave enough to head out yesterday! We’ve been hibernating from the crowds for the last four days. Love those fridge tiles! I just might have to pick some of those up for myself. Mosaic is where they are at??

    Merry Christmas!!

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