ever heard of tarn?


Tarn – or t-yarn – is yarn made from old T-shirts. Tai Chi Man was throwing out some old worn shirts so I cut off the bottom hem and then cut a continuous strip, about an inch wide (though my cutting was very wobbly) from the bottom up to the armpits.

These are some of the balls of tarn that resulted from all that cutting. It’s very forgiving stuff as it curls in on itself so it doesn’t really matter if it’s not perfectly cut.

The first day’s progress, started because I’d had enough of cutting T-shirts and just wanted to get on with it.

It’s pretty tedious but not as hard on the hands and wrists as actually crocheting the stuff. I’m not sure what size crochet hook I’m using – it’s the second largest that I own, probably about 15mm. I just chained 31, then made 30 single (double in UK) stitches across the row. After a few rows I managed to lose one stitch but now am holding steady at 29.

At least it grows fast. This will make an absorbent hardwearing floor mat. If I had a lot of more colourful shirts, I think I’d make something prettier than a mat….maybe a bag of some kind.

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  1. I didn’t know it was called tarn! I made some, oh, 15 years ago. I found the floor mat I made was too stretchy, though; it unravelled very quickly. Maybe yours will work out better. But absorbent and soft it certainly was. And it’s just plain fun to re-purpose stuff like that, isn’t it!

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