tarn bathmat


The mat is all done. Already. That’s the beauty of working with big “yarn” and a big hook (15mm). Four days from start to finish.

Didn’t measure it but it’s a good size and I’m pretty impressed that I guessed things well as far as symmetry was concerned. Just a couple of quirks – the red wasn’t quite enough to finish a whole stripe on the right hand end, and the final edge was 4 rows wide instead of 2 so it didn’t match the other end. Better that than waste some yarn.

Compare this to the mat I’ve been using in the kitchen for too many years to remember…

When I made this, I had been quilting for years and had a bunch of gingham fabrics, so I cut them into strips and crocheted them into an oval mat. It’s definitely showing its age now, but I won’t be replacing it as the new one doesn’t go with the colour scheme! The tarn mat will probably go in ds1’s bathroom as he always floods the floor when he showers!




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