It’s been below freezing the last couple of days and that was extra noticeable when we drove up to the local ski hill for the boys’ snowboarding lessons today. Sitting in the cafe with my knitting, book, iPod and tea was very pleasant but very draughty as people were going in and out all day and bringing the cold in with them.

my bedroom window

I attended a meeting this week of a local group that is dedicated to keeping seniors learning in their retirement years. I am co-teaching a series of knitting classes starting early February. I have a list of my 8 students and have seen the classroom and the other facilities which are available. Unfortunately there was a glitch and the newsletter has conflicting information as to the dates and times of the classes. I had two phone calls today about it, so have sent out an email to all the students to make sure they know when to show up!

Knitting at the moment, therefore, is mainly samples for the class. I made a small cellphone cozy last night. I may make another as I’m not happy with the neatness (or lack of it). I’m also making a simple roll brim hat, knitted flat of course, as we probably won’t get as far as knitting in the round. I also plan to make a ribbed neckwarmer that can also be used as a headband. I am writing my own patterns for these as I make them so I don’t breach any copyright.

I don’t have a laptop so I was delighted to find out that there is one available for me to use in the classroom. It is a PC, however, so I shall have to get my kids to give me a class on PC101 – Getting Started – so I can at least look up sites like Ravelry and knittinghelp.com (essential for all knitters).

Four balls of yarn may have jumped into my arms in Wal-mart today. We were there because the boys were buying an Xbox 360. I don’t often buy yarn there because, let’s face it, it’s not the best stuff, but they had some Bernat Mosaic (Aura colourway) and some Colorama (black and white) which I thought I might be able to use. I had a nice surprise at the checkout as the Colorama was only about $1.49 a ball.

One of my Facebook friends posted a “Pay it Forward 2012” status which said that the first five commenters on her status would receive something handmade and in return I had to post the same thing on my status. So now I am hoping to receive something from her by the end of the year, and I need to make something for five of my friends in the same time frame. Of course it doesn’t have to be knitted, which is always my first thought, it can be something really simple depending on your hobby or skill.

Before I go, I shall just show you my new gadget which arrived in only 3 days from elann.com (it helps that they are in the same province as me). This is larger than I expected and will come in useful in the bag with my Harmony needle tips, as they don’t have the sizes printed on them. If they get mixed up I will be able to sort them easily.

wooden needle gauge

Happy knitting!



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  1. It’s funny how we complain about the cold, as if it was something unusual this time of year- when in fact overall it isn’t. It’s just because we’ve had it so unseasonably warm that we really notice that now we’ve got “regular” January temperatures, isn’t it!
    Oh, and cool gadget. I wonder why it’s shaped like a painter’s palette.

  2. Ohhh… now, THAT is a really nice needle gauge! If I didn’t already have 2 needle gauges, I’d be sorely tempted to get one of those.

    Don’t you just hate how yarn chooses to come home with you? I’ve been very good about telling it that it just can’t come with me… this time. 😉

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