yarny update


I’ve noticed that the font on my posts is really tiny, at least for someone like me who has eyes that are almost 50 years old and need reading glasses! So I’m experimenting with a bigger font size to save us all from having to pull out the specs or press Command + on our keyboards.

It was our third Friday at the local ski hill today. The boys have their snowboarding lesson, followed by free time doing as many runs as they want before the lifts close for the day. So far, the only boy who has managed to stay the maximum amount of time has been ds2, so the last two times his friend’s dad has brought him home. I’ve left earlier with the other two.

I get to put my feet up in the lodge, which sounds much more sophisticated than it is. There are only two buildings: one where you go to pay for your lift passes/equipment rental and get your helmets/boards/boots, and the other which has a lunchroom and toilets downstairs and a cafe upstairs. This cafe is where I have spent my time the last three Fridays and I have been fortunate enough to grab the only couch in the place. Most of the seating is plastic chairs or picnic benches, so the couch is a real boon if you intend to spend a lot of time in there. It’s a three-seater so I only take up one-third of it, all set up with my knitting bag which usually has more than one project in it, plus my iPod and a book. And I also have a thermos, which today had a green smoothie in it, and last week had chai tea.

The first three photos in this post were knitted as class samples for when I co-teach the seniors’ knitting classes in a couple of weeks. The first one came out too small to be practical for a cellphone, even my little one, so I made another in blue which was wider and longer. It still needs a button. The red hat is a generic rolled brim style and the plan is to get the students who choose to make it to personalize it for size, so they’ll have to do some math.

This little purple bag is made with the banana fibre that I bought in December. It didn’t use all of it. I made it with a particular person in mind for my Pay it Forward thing.

It was a bit rough to crochet but I like the texture. It needs a big button on the front to finish it off.

The Marble Drop Stitch Scarf is almost done. Currently it’s about 46 inches long and there’s not much left of the skein. It’ll need a good washing to stretch out the pattern so it can be appreciated better. Now that I have such pretty needles, I feel like they only deserve nice yarn!

I’m not sure that this qualifies as “nice” yarn. The colours look good but it’s Bernat Mosaic again, which I already know feels a little rough – sort of like Noro, from what I hear, not that I’ve knitted with Noro myself. Having said that, I did make some long armwarmers last year which I have worn and find them quite comfortable.

I think that’s it. I see I have typed this all in “Heading 4” which means it’s probably all Bold and rather over the top, but I won’t know for sure until I hit Publish! At least it should be easier to read. Feeling tired after my early start and long day, and I didn’t even snowboard, so will be getting off this computer soon.

Have a great week!

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