finishing up a couple of things


I was glad to finish my Drop Stitch scarf tonight. It’s been on the needles for a month. Not that I had any special plans for it, no deadline, no specific recipient in mind – work on it has been interspersed with other things – but I like finishing things and moving on to something new.

I’m sure you don’t need another photo, so I’ll just link to my Ravelry project page.

I also sewed buttons on to the two cellphone cozies that I showed you recently. No new photos there, either! And the buttons were somewhat uninspiring as they were ones I had in my “miscellaneous” box. The purple banana fibre bag will get a new button, though, as I plan to give it to someone and I want it to look properly finished.

I had a bit of fun at the weekend, setting up a new WordPress blog for a local homeschool support group. It used to be a website hosted by Freewebs, but I rarely bothered to edit it. Now that it’s a blog, I think I will be more motivated to keep it current. Rather than set it up as one of my own personal blogs, I started from scratch with a new name so that in future someone could take it over by simply giving them the password. Of course, that means that I have to log out of my own profile and into the homeschool one, and vice versa, every so often, but that’s easy enough.

Once again, it’s late, I’m tired, and for some reason I am deferring getting into my comfortable bed. Don’t know why I do that! Time to hustle the kids in the right direction and hit the sack myself! Hope your Monday was marvellous and your Tuesday will be terrific.

(Just changed my header photo. This is one that ds3 took one day from our back deck. Drastically cropped of course, as there’s limited space up there in the header, but I think I captured the best bit. And now you can read the text better.)

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