weekend update


We had a great week! The highlights were

(a) sledding/campfire up at the mountain on Wednesday

(b) snowboarding on Friday

Ds2 also went tubing (whizzing down groomed slopes on an inflatable doughnut) at a different ski resort on Saturday night with a youth group, and then had a (not) sleepover afterwards. I don’t know why they call these things sleepovers because they maybe get 4 hours sleep at the most!

I really feel like we’re embracing winter this year and I’m feeling grateful for the snow and our close proximity to more than one ski resort, at which one can ski, skate, tube, snowshoe, snowboard….we are so lucky.

I’ve been reading a couple of good books this week. The one I’ve just finished is Walking Wisdom, by Gotham Chopra. Yes, the son of Deepak. It’s an excellent book about Gotham, his childhood dog Nicholas, his current dog Cleo, his extended family, and his son Krishnu. I loved the discussions he had with his father and his insights as to how enlightened dogs are!

The other book is No Impact Man. I saw this guy’s blog once – didn’t become a regular reader – but his book is excellent. It’s all about his year in which he tried to make no trash or other environmental damage, while living in a New York City apartment with his wife and small daughter. His challenges are many! Definitely worth a read.

And this is my “I have to have something to do with my hands” knitting for now. I did go into my LYS on Thursday but they were still waiting for the yarn I wanted to come in, so I found myself looking forward to a snowboarding day without a project! However I pulled out all the elann micro cotton that I had left over from the mittens I made a while back, and the size 4 Harmony needles, and cast on 114 stitches which I decided would be enough for something useful, like a hat, or a neck warmer, or a bag. Then I just started on some Fair Isle, with no plan other than to keep myself amused.

Salad containers make good storage boxes for yarn. I have six colours which co-ordinate quite nicely and this is what I have so far…

…the next section will be pink on a background of wine. I love stranded knitting, though magic loop with these needles is not working out quite as well as I’d hoped. There’s a lot of twisting with this method and the needles are loosening from their cables. I have devised a new tightening method – I cut a small rectangle from a roll of drawer liner that I have in the kitchen so I can get a better grip on the needle tip. I’ll be keeping it in my needle bag from now on.

And finally, another class sample for those adventurous souls who’d like to try some ribbing in their first project. And now I really do have to leave you for the night because I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

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