Amazing what a little puttering will do. A week ago I started playing with the elann micro cotton that I had sitting in a box, along with my #4 Harmony needles. I have six colours and I’ve been combining them in different ways with different Fair Isle patterns after every three bands.

the overview

I’m rather pleased with how it’s turning out. The bottom edge is curling a little, so I have an idea that this will become a bag. The bottom hem will be sewn shut and the whole thing will be lined – that’ll save me a tonne of weaving in ends on the inside.

the close-up

This is the progress I’ve made in a week, including my time sitting on the couch on snowboarding days. This isn’t the only knitting I’ve been doing, and I have been reading a fair bit too. In fact, I’m planning another small class sample for the knitting classes (which start on Tuesday *bites nails*) . I intend to knit the straight part of a mini hat, so that I can have it ready to demo the crown shaping. And also make a few squares of garter and stockinette for demonstrating seaming.

The photocopying of the handouts is done, I have some extra darning needles and little fold up scissors, just in case, and it looks like I’ll have to borrow my son’s backpack on wheels just to carry everything from my van into the building! Don’t want to forget anything!



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  1. Hmm, Fair Isle sure looks pretty. Is it as complicated as it looks? I’d like to try that as well.

    I know you’ll do great at teaching your class! You have patience when teaching people to knit, and a passion for knitting!!

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