the show must go on


OUCH! Yesterday, I did my Monday housework and then started on dinner. The plan was for an Asian theme – sushi, Chinese dumplings, Chinese pancakes, some stir-fried vegetables and spring rolls. The first thing I had to do was make the filling for the dumplings and spring rolls so I start chopping Taiwanese cabbage and get to the last bit which is sort of a wedge shape and a little awkward. Well, the cabbage slipped and my nice sharp Chinese cleaver somehow ends up going through my finger. The ring finger on my left hand now has a cut right through the nail, near the base, and the skin beside it.

You know how it is – you realize what you’ve done, you stare at the spot where the damage was done, and sort of wait and see for a second. And then you spring into action, grabbing the closest cloth and running your finger under the cold tap while it bleeds. Add pressure to the bleeding spot and yell for a kid to come help. Ds2 was a little freaked out by my calls but at least it got him up the stairs. He turned off the heat under the wok, rinsed the blood off the cleaver and pulled the first aid kit out of the cupboard. I bunged a Steristrip on it (excellent way of holding things together instead of getting stitches) and a Band Aid. I had to sit down – I felt the shock of it making me a little hot and dizzy – so I had a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy too. Excellent for shock.

After this little diversion, I had to make yeasted dough for the dumplings, plain dough for the pancakes, cut vegetables, roll up spring rolls, roll out pancakes filled with parsley, assemble sushi, assemble dumplings filled with cabbage/tofu/bok choy, and cook everything. By the time we sat down to eat the blood was showing through the Band Aid, and I knew I’d put on the Steristrip just a little too tight, so Tai Chi Man helped me replace it all with fresh dressings. Peeling the first one off was nasty and the blood started flowing again.

Overnight I banged my finger occasionally and wow, did it hurt. But I’ve kept the Band Aid dry and don’t intend to take it off for a few days. I’ll probably lose the nail at some point.

I am grateful, however, that it wasn’t any worse – I could have cut off the last half inch of my finger with that cleaver. And I think I’ll make it through teaching my first knitting class this afternoon without too much difficulty!

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