knitting class


Yesterday afternoon was the first of the seniors classes that I was slated to teach. This has been in the planning stages for so long (about five months) that it was nice to actually get started. (One thing I wish I had done BEFORE the classes started was get the hearing aids, but I probably won’t have those until March.)

What a great group of ladies (no men signed up). Six “students” plus my co-leader, Daisy, who was there to help show people what to do when I was busy. All except one had knitted before. The long tail cast on had mixed reactions, some finding it harder than others. But we were soon on to the knit stitch. A couple of people knitted Continental (left hand carry) or wanted to, and when I started showing people that, they all wanted to learn. Then shortly after that, most were purling too, both English and Continental.

Wonderful progress for the first class! The outline that I had planned only had them knitting for the first class, but we’re already into purling. Just one lady was still knitting but she’s taken the handout home for purling plus they all have a list of links so can check out videos online.

I did of course make sure that the laptop that the Society provides was up and running so I could show everyone the wonders of Ravelry!




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