bad news and good news


OK, so the bad news is that one of my new Harmony interchangeable needle tips, a size 4 that I’m using to knit the Fair Isle bag, started snagging my yarn last night. At first I thought it was catching on a loose join but when I looked closer I could see that one of the layers of wood was started to lift.

The good news is that I sent Knitpicks an email last night and this morning they emailed me to say that a replacement is on its way. I had heard they had a good reputation for customer service, and I have to agree!

More bad news – I keep hitting my ring finger (the one with the cut) and it is a BIG ouch! But the good news is that when I’ve had to replace the Band Aids, the cut looks like it’s healing well. No swelling or infection.

I’ve recently joined The Thankful Group on Ravelry. If you’re a member, I recommend it. Feeling thankful for something every day is a good way to raise your happiness quotient! :o)




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