i passed


I’m excited to say that I passed Level One of the Craft Yarn Council’s knitting teacher certification. I had put my binder together some time ago, with lesson plan draft, knitted samples, etc, but the CYCA kept telling everyone that there was a new digital Knit Notebook due out (we’ve been waiting for months) which they seemed to imply contained crucial information for completing the Level  so I tucked the binder under my coffee table and forgot about it for a while. In the end, I emailed the lady who was to do my evaluation and she said not to wait – just send her the stuff already!

She called on Thursday to set up a time for an evaluation conversation, so we set 9am today as the time (11am for her as she’s in Wisconsin). I was expecting a long call so I made sure I was comfortable, with a cup of tea nearby, but in the end it took less than ten minutes. She had some set questions to ask me to test my knowledge of certain techniques and she was very happy with my responses and said I’d passed. She’ll be sending my binder back to me which is good because I can then use my knitted samples as demos in my classes.

If I do Level Two, I’d have to pay another $75, so not sure whether I will. My personal challenge to myself was to complete Level One, which I’ve now done.  Apparently Level Two includes colour work and knitting to fit, which I’m sure I could do. Maybe one day.

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