a really quick earflap hat


This yarn is the stuff I had left over from making the Minecraft Creeper back in December. Sort of “camo”, which I don’t really like, but maybe if ds3 goes out wearing this he won’t be mistaken for a girl!

I keep my kids’ faces off the blog, but I’d love to show you this hat on my son. He has such a cute face, plus long blond hair – people keep thinking he’s a girl! He may be 13, but he hasn’t had the growth spurt yet, or the deepening of the voice and all those other wonderful manly features!

Took this yarn and a crochet hook out with me first thing this morning. I had an optometrist appointment and they often keep me waiting. As it turned out, I only managed to crochet the first few rounds of the crown while I was there. The vision in my right eye has been a little blurry with my contacts in and they confirmed that it’s changed .25 of a diopter, or whatever it’s called. I still have a couple of pairs of lenses left but will order some with the new prescription soon. I’ve also had dry eyes lately, though it’s been improving, and my eye health is apparently perfect, so no worries there.

With a grandmother who had glaucoma and a mother who had a detached retina [and I have a high prescription (around minus 8) which apparently makes it more likely to get a detached retina] they make sure to check for those things.

So in between my various chores today, as Mondays are usually housecleaning days, I worked on the hat, and then some more tonight, and it’s done. A one-day-hat! Love it. ❤

Tomorrow I will be at my LYS picking up yarn for two similar hats, this time for me. I really want a sock monkey hat and today I came up with the idea for a Hello Kitty hat too. If they look terrible on me, I know I’ll find worthy recipients!





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