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OK, first photo is an attempt at a baby hat. I’m using The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns and based on the socks I made with this yarn (Drops Big Fabel) I assumed 6sts/inch and cast on 100. However it was turning out big enough to fit MY head (more like 5sts/inch) so after 3 inches of knitting I unravelled it and will cast on 82 instead. Before restarting that hat, I made this…

The shot above was taken while waiting for ds3 to get off the computer – shortly after, I had finished the earflaps and was almost  finished the edging when he vacated the chair. I am considering some sort of topper, maybe some spirals – I want this to be unisex but it’s kinda plain right now. I don’t think I’ll be adding ties at the bottom of the earflaps as they’d probably just get in the kid’s mouth!

I also bought two skeins of Kertzer Fusion – big 200 gram skeins of bulky yarn in a green colourway with long colour changes. Haven’t got a photo of those. They will hopefully turn into an easy care baby blanket in the near future. (Currently trying to Google a link so you can see it. Ah, here’s one. It’s colour 02.)

And finally, my parcel from Knitpicks finally arrived this morning, complete with ten balls of Brava Bulky (their new 100% acrylic) in Solstice Heather (dark blue) and Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting (it hurts me to type “color” – I want to spell it COLOUR and so does my Mac!) I’m not in a rush for the Iced Cardigan so maybe I can hold off on the swatching until there’s more progress on the baby items. Maybe…..








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  1. I think your ds3 was chatting to my ds1 🙂

    Since the iced cardigan is such a big project, I would start on it and use the smaller baby projects for when you need a break. Unless, of course, the baby items need to be done soon. I would be so excited to get going on the cardigan! 🙂

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