fumbling with fusion


OK, I just like alliteration, but the first part of the baby blanket did feel a little like fumbling. I haven’t knitted with a boucle yarn in years, plus there are two very definite strands to this – the green/brown and the bright strand with the blobs of colour.

Now that I have this much done, I’m more comfortable with it, as long as I don’t rush. And really, why would I rush? Baby isn’t due for months anyway 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunny day today so I found a puddle of sunshine in which to lay my knittin’ down and take a photo. Tai Chi Man was quite baffled last night – he looked at my knitting and saw lime green – looked at the skein and saw brown. Huh? 😀

I’m knitting this like a large dishcloth – started out with three stitches and increasing at each end of every alternate row. That way, I can maximize the two skeins of yarn – one for the first half, one for the second half. I’ll probably not go until the very end of the first skein in case I have to fudge it to get the colour to segue* nicely in the middle. I’m not a math whizz, but I love it when I can use some basic school math to work out something for knitting. Thanks to the math I have done with my kids, I remember that, in a right angled triangle, a squared plus b squared equals c squared. So I measured my gauge and the number of stitches I had on the needle and figured out the length of the knitting up against the needles. From that I was able to work out the length of the edges (I used a tape measure to check that I was on the right track). Then from that I was able to calculate that if I increased to 201 stitches I would have a blanket that was 48 inches square. I may not go that big, it all depends on the yardage.

*Did you know that segue is pronounced “segway”? I used to say “seeg” until ds1 said it the other way and I looked it up.

And not too long ago, I also caught myself saying pharmaceutical wrong too – I was using a hard ‘c’ instead of a soft ‘c’. Oops!

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