random update #53.5!


I didn’t have any pretty knitting pictures to upload, so here’s a shot of ds1, about to lose most of his hair…

Over four years of growth, about to go. He’s been working with his dad lately, and his hair has been getting in the way. Even when he ties it back, it gets messy and frizzy. So when he said he was ready for a haircut, I took him over to my friend’s house and she kindly did the job. (The braid has now been undone and left outside in the garden for the birds to use as nesting material.) It’s taking some getting used to (for all of us) but I think it was the right decision.

As for knitting news, Knitpicks very helpfully sent me a new pair of #4 tips. I was expecting one, to replace the tip that has started catching the yarn while I was working on the Fair Isle Bag (Ravelry link). But they sent two, and that’s another plus for their customer service. Shame that Canada Post is so darn slow these days.

The baby blanket is growing – the edges are now 23 inches long and I have about 100 stitches on the needles now. I did take it out with me today but didn’t work on it, as we were up the mountain, sledding and enjoying a campfire for a friend’s birthday.  Not only was I engaged in other activities, it would have got smoky too.

This sledding day was our last for the winter. We’ve had quite a lot of snow in the last week, which was perfect for this day of sledding, which was scheduled a few weeks ago. We weren’t sure whether the weather would co-operate, but it did. We had a fire, and the birthday girl’s mum brought hotdogs (veg and not), potato chips, vegan marshmallows, cupcakes (vegan and not) and juice. We circled our lawn chairs around the fire, which was just as well, as a few of us nearly ended up zooming right into it! We laughed until our abs hurt!! As usual, I took my Thermos full of chai tea, and we stayed until we got too cold for comfort. The snowpants will now be retired for the season and hung up in the understair cupboard until next winter.

I really feel like we made the most of winter this year. Snowboarding, sledding, socialising, we embraced the season. And now it’s time to embrace spring. 🙂






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