lego mindstorms


Here is ds3 (on the left) and his friend at a Lego Mindstorms (robotics) class yesterday. The class ran from 10am to 2pm, with half an hour for lunch. We have had a Mindstorms set at home for some years now, but it hasn’t been used much, and when the opportunity came up to go to the local university for this class, I asked him if he wanted to go and he said Yes. They built one of the models out of the kit that picks up a plastic ball. By the time they stopped for lunch, their model was finished and just needed programming.

I sat at the back of the class for the first hour and a half with a couple of other mums and my knitting, but had to leave early to go and teach my knitting class. Ds3 really enjoyed his class (and it was free) and he even got to go and play at a local park with his friends before being dropped off at Tai Chi Man’s office for the ride home.

My knitting class was the fifth and final session that I’ve been leading recently. All of the ladies in the class have rediscovered their enthusiasm for knitting and are working away like mad on hats, vests, sweaters and dishcloths. It’s great to see. I have committed to lead a sock knitting class in May, three two-hour sessions, to get them started on knitting in the round, turning heels and grafting toes. Only one lady has knitted socks before – even so, I think she’s planning to sign up.

Only ds2 had a quiet day, being left home alone while the rest of the family were busy, so I dragged him out to do the paper route in the evening. I didn’t really want to do it myself, but was glad that I made the effort and enjoyed the long walk. Even though the thermometer said 1 degree C, it didn’t feel that cold at all.

Today is the total opposite. An “at home” day, nowhere we have to be, and  not a lot on the “to do” list.







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